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Data Security Systems Solutions (DS3) Launches OathToken Midlet Application

Data Security Systems Solutions (DS3) is pleased to announce the launch of OathToken Midlet application, an extension of DS3 flagship product - Authentication Server.

Being an adopting member of the Open AuTHentication (OATH) initiative, DS3 is committed to promote awareness and acceptance of the use of alternative 2 factor authentication products. Hence the inception of DS3 OathToken Midlet, which was specially developed for Java-enabled handheld devices. It functions as a mobile authentication token which can be conveniently used by the user to authenticate to the DS3 Authentication Server.

1. Written in J2ME MIDP 1.0
2. Uses OATH HOTP algorithm
3. Uses minimal libraries to maximize compatibility for wider range of handset models

Basic Handset Requirements
1. Handheld devices must be Java-enabled
2. Handheld devices should have minimum 30K memory available
3. Supported Handset Model includes:-
- Nokia Series 40 (6030)
- Nokia Series 60 (3650,6260)
- Nokia Series 70 (7260)
- Nokia Series 80 (9500)
- Sony Ericsson (K700i)
- Panasonic (X800)
- O2 Mini

Installation Instructions
1. Web Download (For Bluetooth/Infrared handheld device users)
Click Here to download Midlet jar file to your handheld device

2. GPRS download
Handset download via

3. View User Guide for usage instructions
Click Here to download User Guide

About the Initiative for Open AuTHentication
The Initiative for Open AuTHentication (OATH) is a collaboration of leading device, platform and application companies. OATH participants hope to foster use of strong authentication across networks, devices and applications. OATH participants work collectively to facilitate standards work and build reference architecture for open authentication while evangelizing the benefits of strong interoperable authentication in a networked world. OATH members are united in three key goals: promote secure and safe online transactions for users; leverage existing standards to create an open reference architecture for strong authentication; and reduce the cost and complexity of strong authentication to drive broad enterprise and consumer adoption.
For more about OATH, go to

About DS3 Authentication Server
DS3' 2-factor authentication solution helps ensure authentication of communications and transactions that happen between banks and their online customers. Our solution is built to provide centralized, two-factor authentication for banks and financial institutions, enterprises and government to ensure that only authorized users can gain access to highly sensitive information and transact securely. Supporting a range of authentication devices that are already available, our solution is intended to create a strong barrier against unauthorized access, helping to protect online data resources from potentially devastating accidental or malicious intrusion.
For more information on DS3 Authentication Server, visit Link.

About Data Security Systems Solutions Pte Ltd
Headquartered in Singapore, Data Security Systems Solutions develops authentication solutions for enterprises, banks and governments that dramatically provide strong authentication that is most critical to online businesses From managing world-class security products and components to enterprise security consulting to developing solutions for the Banking, Financial and Private environments, DS3 is simplifying the way to secure your enterprise.
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