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Enabling 2-Factor Authentication for IBM Tivoli Access Manager for eBusiness

Discover how to enhance the IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-Business web infrastructure with end-to-end security and 2-Factor authentication (2FA) using the DS3 Authentication Server.

With the IBM Tivoli Access Manager for eBusiness (TAMeb), online businesses can leverage on the fine-grain access control and seamless web single-sign-on to operate a multi-server, multi-domain web infrastructure for their employees, partners and customers.  Users log on to TAMeb using UserID and password only by default.  By adding on the DS3 Authentication Server, the user accounts are further protected against Phishing, Pharming and Cryptographic replay attacks.

Enhancing your IBM TAMeb deployment to integrate with the DS3 Authentication Server can be achieved in 3 simple steps.

1)     Creating and setting up the 2FA login pages with the DS3 Authentication Servers.  The new 2FA login pages will include logic to prompt users for the 2nd factor OTP (one-time password) token, in addition to the 1st factor static password.  End-to-end encryption of the user credentials, through the use of Java Applet or Javascript, can be embedded within the login page for added security.

2)     Enabling the External Authentication Interface (EAI) feature within IBM TAM WebSeal, using the DS3 TAMeb EAI module to communicate with DS3 Authentication Server to re-direct the current 1FA user authentication request to the new 2FA login pages.

3)     Rolling out authentication tokens to users and using the token self-service  features within the DS3 Authentication Server to migrate user logon to 2FA at their own pace

The DS3 Authentication Server is the complete 2FA solution to provide multi-token strong authentication with end-to-end security for passwords & highly sensitive information to secure electronic transactions. The flexible token management system allows users a choice of different 2-factor authentication including OTP sent over SMS, Java midlet software OTP tokens, OATH tokens, and hardware VASCO, RSA OTP tokens.

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